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Belle de Jour

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This series explores the“Stepford” stereotype as a hollow housewife is caught longing for freedom. This artful interpretation takes us back in time for a look beyond the vintage-veneer. From scrubbing floors in sexy attire to provocatively posing against porcelain, Bernardin dares to explore this ever-enduring male fantasy, by shining a light on the absurdity of expectation associated with this kind of forced female bondage. Beauty on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Drowning in her own desperation, our hero housewife escapes the confines of suburbia in search of salvation under the spotlight of possibility. Shattering the illusion, this editorial captures the subtle shades of suffering that simmer just below the surface when passion goes unanswered and dreams are left to die. When emptiness chips away at the soul until there’s nothing left but a shell of what once was, we are reminded that there is no escape from ourselves.
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40x40 Edition of 25 $1,500.00
50x50 Edition of 15 $3,000.00

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Please be advised that the framing and borders you see above are a visual representation for the final product.

The Print:

This piece is a chromogenic print printed on archival semigloss paper.

The size you select refers to the paper size. If you select to have a border, the image will be scaled down to allow room for a white border.

Paper size will remain the same.

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Framing will add 1 in inch to width and 1 inch to height.

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Photographer Bio

Photographer Bio

Richard Bernardin is a Canadian-American fashion and portrait photographer based between New York, Paris and Montreal. After studying film and photography, he decided to embark on the adventures of being a freelance fashion photographer. From Avedon to Newton, modernist to neo-classical architecture, Kubrick to Hong Kar-Wai, Richard has taken his references and nourished his erotically charged imagination. Richard’s photographs have been featured in various international editions of ELLE, Vogue, Grazia, Rolling Stones, and Maxim.

Certificate Of Authenticity

Certificate Of Authenticity

This print will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity from TheseFineWalls that includes the edition size and the print number. This Certificate protects the security and genuineness of the limited edition print. Anything $1,000 or over will be hand-signed by the artist.