About TFW


TheseFineWalls is a curated online gallery exhibiting contemporary, unique works from undiscovered and established photographers from around the world. Founded by Lisa Eryn Silverman in 2014, TFW seeks to create an accessible platform for discovering and obtaining limited edition photography to dress any interior.

TFW holds the belief that photography should inspire, intrigue, and invigorate while enhancing the aesthetic of a space. We offer valuable, museum-quality products to consumers that prior to TFW were not on the market.

Lisa's background of producing photo shoots in the fashion industry meant collaborating with some of the most talented editorial photographers in the world, during which time she gained an inside view of their private portfolios and unedited photos from shoots. TFW was founded on the view that these pieces, as well as others from undiscovered rising stars, should not be found just in glossy magazines or dormant on ignored hard drives. TheseFineWalls seeks to take these photographs into interior spaces where they can be enjoyed by seasoned collectors and neophytes alike.


TheseFineWalls offers an evolving curated collection of beautiful works that have been expertly chosen. Working closely with select photographers, images are hand picked from their personal and editorial work. More than simply a gallery, TFW is a community that exists to inspire with the selected photography and the spaces they enhance.


All works are offered as limited edition, museum quality prints, complete with a signed certificate of authenticity. Limited edition prints are marked with two numbers: the unique number of the print and the size of the entire print run. For example, the first print in an edition of 20 would be marked as 1/20 and the last work in this edition would be marked 20/20.


Based in the global heart of photography, New York City, TFW focuses on this sole medium of artwork. All prints are produced with the highest quality materials and can be finished with maple wood framing or acrylic mounting.